Our Approach


After twenty-three years in education, the philosophy I embrace has been inspired by many educators, coaches, mentors, and leaders. The belief that all children can learn and be successful is a fundamental tenet.

The exciting recent changes in education allow equity and access for all students, across all communities in our country. The daily implementation of technology, innovation, and a growth mindset coupled with a caring, nurturing environment are essential for student growth.

As the need for mental health support and prevention increases, I believe we will see another shift in education, where social emotional learning is at the forefront.

~Karen D'Avino

Our Story

My Story

Beginning as a novice teacher of music, I knew my passion for education and the arts would lead me down an interesting path and an interesting journey it has been.

Two passions have fused for me. The first is my love of creating something exciting and new, such as new programs, or partnerships. The second is my desire to improve any organization I have been involved with. This could mean taking a high school band to a whole new performance level, being active in local social-civic organizations, or transforming an entire school district. Each experience I have had has led me to realize that life's lessons are both in and out of the classroom.  I take great pride in the projects I have been involved in, regardless of size or impact.

What Karen D'Avino can assist you with...

If you are looking for an instructor or consultant to support your school district, classroom, or organization, please peruse my portfolio section for a list of presentations and professional development. Customized support is also available. Services include coaching your business, organization, or school through all necessary changes for success.