Last year I chose one word as I began 2017. This year I have decided to follow Chris Brogan and chose three words.  Brogan said,


“Make the words such that they influence your choice of actions, encourage you to decide in favor of your goals, and guide you towards lasting results that you want to experience throughout the year.”


Last year my one word was hopeful.  I have no regrets over that word and hopeful is wonderful for some but as I reflect on 2017, I realized that I would have to do more than be hopeful during 2018 because, quite honestly, sometimes hope just isn’t enough.


Even though I was hopeful, last year could have been the worst year of my professional life. As 2018 begins, there must be change. What better way than to begin anew with #my3words…

The first word for me is WELLNESS. This is extremely important to me.  I’ve practiced yoga, meditated, journaled, reflected, and prayed. But in 2018 the wellness I’m referring to is overall wellness in regards not only to my mindset but also in regards to my health, diet, and fitness goals.
Stress from last year added weight to my frame and wrinkles to my face. While there may not be a magic eraser for wrinkles, I can most certainly take control of wellness. This means putting myself first, which is no easy feat for me.  In fact, just writing it terrifies me because I have responsibilities.  I’m a caregiver to my children at home and my students and staff at school.  How can I put myself first?
It means I will sleep more, eat healthy foods that feed my body with nutrients to build strong, lean muscle, exercise to keep my heart and mind fit, and practice other wellness necessities such as meditation to maintain a positive mindset. Through reflection I came to the difficult realization, that if I did not put myself first, I would be useless to others who depend on me.
My second word is LEAN. Although my first word related to fitness and overall health and wellness goals, this one is so that I LEAN in to challenges (although getting “lean” in weight would be a great outcome as well!) My intention this year is to lean in to challenges, to lean in to learning opportunities, to lean in to risk-taking, to lean in to using intentions to steer my future, and to lean in to growth. In 2017 I didn’t lean in to what I was facing.  I observed the obstacle and quite frankly, sometimes ignored it, went in another direction, or put forth negative energy. I now realize that was wrong and ultimately had damaging effects on my career and my mindset.
@jenniferhogan chose this word as her third word. As soon as I read Jennifer’s three words, I knew I wanted this one too. In 2018, I will be relentless in:
1. the pursuit of personal and professional growth
2. the pursuit of wellness, health, fitness, weight loss, and a desire to feel healthy again
3. dedicating my thoughts toward positive energy and setting intentions
4. inspiring others
5. being grateful.
6. goal setting and achieving my goals by purposefully planning and doing things one step at a time
6. reflecting and readjusting when necessary
7. loving and caring for my children so they continue to flourish and make me proud
8. my commitment to myself
About seven years ago, I decided I wanted to participate in a Tough Mudder race. I was an average gym-goer and not fast or fitter than anyone else.  I remember telling someone that I was going to do that race.  Their response was a laugh and, “Are you crazy? You can’t do that.” Not only did I accomplish the Tough Mudder but it was one of the best experiences in my life. I learned an awful lot about what I could do when I set my mind to it and a lot about teamwork. Mostly, I learned that if someone tells me I can’t, it makes me more motivated to do the “I can.”
Writing this post is like that in a way. Today, by memorializing my goals and intentions for 2018, I can begin to hold myself accountable and be the best “me” I can be. I hope you are setting out to be the best “you” too.
~Karen Wood

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