#wmnleadedu Challenge

This weekend, a wonderful group to which I belong (#wmnleadedu) on Voxer and Twitter asked that each of us locate a favorite article or quote on leadership and tag it on Twitter.  I came across an article that Sir Ken Robinson  (http://http://sirkenrobinson.com/) shared and was totally inspired by it.

I am a big fan of doing anything and everything to help kids. This has led me to out of the box thinking and applications throughout my career.  I once worked with a physical education teacher who implemented math in his classroom.  He would implement simple yet effective things like having kids count their jumping jacks by fives, reinforcing multiplication during warm-ups. I worked with a History teacher who dressed in American Revolution period clothing when it was time to teach that unit or stand on the desk when delivering other important messages.  I worked with a spanish teacher who had students sing Holiday carols in spanish.

More recently, we have teachers who have taken innovation to a whole new level by requesting students create the perfect assignment, or create something that will assist the hearing impaired or those who have lost their vision. We have teachers pushing students’ creativity to the limits. There are hundreds, even thousands of examples.

In this article, you’ll see the magic that has occurred in Bradford. This school was under-performing until the music coordinator and head teacher decided to make learning fun again. Their strategies, are outlined here:

Music in Schools Article from The Guardian

They not only improved school culture, they improved scores in content areas as well.  Did you know that arts students are 55% more likely to attend a post-secondary school than those who were not involved in the arts?

We cannot ignore these statistics any longer.  Integration of the arts matters and it goes seamlessly with technology integration, design thinking, innovation, social emotional learning, and trauma informed schools.

Everything I am today can be attributed to my involvement and love for the arts. For more information or to dialogue about this further, I’d love to hear from you at kwood4971@gmail.com. Let’s start a movement of happy, engaged students in schools with a propensity to learn and grow like never before!

~Karen Wood


Author: Karen D'Avino

I am a passionate educational leader who cares deeply for the improvement of instruction through professional development and equitable practices and policies in schools.